Waterwatch brochure Feb 2018

Teachers Manual – 2017
The Teachers’ Manual contains detailed background information on all the parameters (physical, chemical and biological) that are measured or assessed by Waterwatch. In addition, the manual contains a list of useful web sites,  interesting facts about water, answers to the review questions in the Student Workbook, and instruction sheets for the various instruments that we use. The manual may be freely copied.

Workbook – Feb 2018
The Student Workbook is used by the students to record their results on a Waterwatch excursion. It also addresses the question “ Water Testing –Why is it important?” and provides a set of review questions to challenge the students. The workbook is designed to be printed as an A5 booklet of 12 pages, stapled down the centre. The workbook may be freely copied.

Introducing Waterwatch – Feb 2018
“Introducing Waterwatch” signals the move of the programme from Lincoln University to an independent governing  body, The Waterwatch Education Trust. We are proud to have engaged with thousands of students from Canterbury schools, as well as many other groups, over the past twenty plus years, and look forward to continuing and growing our free, unique service to our community.

Guides for Teachers